201 Frontage Road NW, Byron MN 55920 8:00 & 10:00

Sunday Bulletin Announcements

9/10/2017 Attendance:      347


REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Ed Nelson, DelLorain Schoenfeldt, Eleanor Decker, Lois Hjellming, Sonja King, Nancy Borchardt, Betty Jamsa, those serving in the armed forces, EMTs, LEO’s, people recovering from storms, firefighters and all who serve and protect our country.

WELCOME INTO CLC FAMILY: Baptized today at 10am is Myla McKenzi Ward, daughter of Nicole Adamson and Trenton Ward. Godparents will be Ben Adamson and Elaine Church. Grandparents are Larry and Trudy Adamson and Christopher and Kim Ward.

SOUNDS LIKE LOVE: Registration forms are on the kiosk and due by October 5. Cost is $115 per student.

NEW CHURCH DIRECTORY: We currently have time slots available for Nov 1 & 2 from 2:00-9:00. A sign-up sheet is available in the narthex or visit the CLC website http://www.clcbyron.org/cpt_ news/picture-directory-appointments/. Any questions, contact Linda Danielski at lldani1@aol.com, Gayle Jaben at bikeclearlake@gmail.com or LuRaye Eischens at eischens@charter.net. All families photographed by Life Touch will receive a free 8X10 and a directory. Life Touch 8X10 complimentary photos are available at the table in the Narthex.

DAVE RAMSEY’S FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY: Meets Thur nights from 6:30–8:00pm. If you are interested in learning how to be debt-free, these classes are for you. Please contact Colleen Wolfe at 507-254-6056 or colleen_wolfe@aol .com. To register and purchase materials go to http://www.fpu.com/1044194

JAMBOREE AUDITION DATES: Sept 23 at 10:00am. We are going to have a Jamboree in honor of Byron’s 150-year anniversary! The theme will be ‘Show Tunes and Patriotic songs’. Byron Community Jamboree will be Sunday, October 15 at 4:00pm. This is a community event so if you know anyone outside of CLC, let them know. If you are interested in participating in a community choir or have questions, contact Terry Bird at 507-269-6106 or email tbird@vacava.com

Welcome Visitors!  Please stop at the Welcome Center if you have questions or want to join.


September 17 – September 24, 2017
Sun 8:00 Worship ~ Traditional
9:05 ROL
9:15 Adult Table Talk
10:00 Worship ~ Blended/ Ward Baptism
Mon IHN Hosting Begins
Mon 7:00 Altar Committee
Tue IHN Hosting
6:30 Council
Wed IHN Hosting
5:30 Praise Chimers
6:00 Good News Kids
6:00 JuBELLance
7:00 Chancel Choir
7:00 Confirmation NT
7:00 HS Youth Night
8:00 Praise Team
Thur IHN Hosting
6:30 Dave Ramsey
Fri IHN Hosting
8:00 AA
Sat IHN Hosting
10:00 Jamboree Auditions
Sun 8:00 Worship ~ Traditional
9:05 ROL Sunday School
9:15 Adult Table Talk
10:00 Worship – Blended/Mehling Baptism
IHN Hosting Ends
 Budget   Giving
Aug   26,877   21,079   -5,798
YTD 215,016 192,981 -22,835
Sunday, September 17- 8:00 am
Acolytes I Bendix, T Magnuson
Reader T Bird
Ushers I Nehring, J Rieser,           L More, T Gehrking
Greeters C Rieser, N Nehring
Comm Dist G Meyer, H Alsleben,     M Cabaya
W Center J Skare


Sunday September 17-10:00 am
Acolytes M Gallagher, L Bjelland
Reader T Anderson
Ushers A & L Danielski,               D & J Tweite
Greeters G Hovey, S Anderson
Comm Dist D Fugleberg, J Wild                       J Rheingans.
Comm  Clean up J Wild, S Anderson
$ Counters L Danielski, R Brooks


Sunday, September 24 -8:00 am
Acolytes R Thomforde                   1st yr  student
Reader A Rustan
Ushers A Rustan, D Carlblom,    G Jaben, L Briske
Greeters P & P Teig
W Center S Briske


Sunday, September 24 -10:00 am
Acolytes O Sampson, 1st yr student
Reader L Bieber
Ushers L Bieber, L Wild, S Wilker, W Cederberg
Greeters A Remold, M Perry
$ Counters R Cederberg, S Bjelland
W Center S Briske