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Sunday Bulletin Announcements

Announcements:  (Sunday, November 19, 2017)

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: DelLorain Schoenfeldt, Lois Hjellming, Sonja King, Nancy Borchardt, Betty Jamsa, Robert Tweite, Jim Peterson and Dennis Nepstad , those serving in the armed forces, EMTs, LEO’s, people recovering from storms, firefighters, and all who serve and protect our country.

NEW MEMBERS RECEIVED TODAY: Cake & coffee is in the fellowship hall at 9am.

Eric & Sara Matter, Nathan & Tyler;
Ben & Melissa Scheerer, Makenna & Harper; Luis & Becky Cornejo, Gabriella & Connor; John & Patricia McMahan; Chad & Joy Johnson, Alex & Ava; Bruce & Elisabeth Blazing, Mara & Brynn; Kari Hoerle; Ben & Kristin Schneider, Sophie and Mark.

CELEBRATE GOD’S GENEROSITY: Please bring your offering & pledge cards with you when you commune today & place them in the baskets. Thank you.

ADULT FORUM: The third viewing of the video “Blessed Life” is today, Nov 19 at 9:15am in the theater room. The series continues through Dec 10.

MOVIE TIME: The movie “Room” will air today, Nov 19 at 2pm at Christ Lutheran Church theater room.

CHRISTMAS VOLUNTEERS: Are needed for the Christmas services. We have a sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex. Please let us know which service works best for you. Thank you.

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA SALE: The Altar Committee is selling poinsettias for $10 per plant. Please complete an order form-located in the narthex-& turn into the office by the Mon, Dec 4 deadline. Plants may be taken home on Dec 25.

CHRISTMAS GOODIES SALE: Will be held 9-11am on Sat, Dec 2 in the church narthex. You may choose a mixture of treats that will be sold by the pound. Crafts and coffee & rolls will also be available.

MEMORIAL COMMITTEE REQUESTS: Each family provide a batch of your favorite Christmas treat or a craft item for the Christmas Goodies Sale on Dec 2. Please bring items to the church from 4-7pm on Fri, Dec 1 or from 8-9am on Sat, Dec 2. Thank you!

BOOK LOVERS LEAGUE: Dec 4 @ 7pm, Linda Danielski will host the review of a book, “A Christmas Blizzard”, by G. Keillor.

CABIN FEVER DATE NIGHT: On Dec 8, confirmation & mission trip students will offer their child care services. Drop kids off at the church at 6pm & pick up by 9:30pm. There will be adult supervision. Parents can get some Christmas shopping done or enjoy a date night together while kids enjoy playing with church friends. Contact Tim Meek @ 775-2061 or timothymeek@gmail.com.

WELCOME VISITORS: Please stop at the welcome center if you have questions about our church. We have a small gift for you.

NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS: Please contact Dorothy at 507-218-3275 if you or anyone else needs help with fall projects in and around the house.

 11/12/2017 Attendance:   118 + 157 = 275

November 19 – November 26,  2017
Sun   8:00 Worship ~ Traditional,  New Members
  9:05 ROL
  9:15 “Blessed Life”  Video
10:00 Worship ~ Blended, New Members
  2:00 Movie Time- Room
  4:00 CS Den 6, CS Lion
  6:00 CS Den 7, CS Tiger
Mon   7:00 Altar Committee
Tue   6:30 Council Meeting
Wed   9:45 Bible Study
  5:30 Praise Chimers
  6:00 JuBELLance
  7:00 Chancel Choir
  7:00 No Confirmation
  8:00 Praise Team
Thu Thanksgiving
Fri   8:00 AA
Sun   8:00 Worship ~ Traditional
  9:05 ROL
  9:15 “Blessed Life” Video
10:00 Worship ~ Blended


                 Budget                Giving

OCT 26,866 26,440 -448
YTD 268,770 255,694 -13,076



Sunday November 19 ~ 8:00 am
Acolytes I Pries, H Kerns
Reader C Pyfferoen
Ushers P & C Pyfferoen, G Jaben, I Nehring
Greeters C Bird, S Biewer
Comm Dist H Alsleben, J Carlblom, M Cabaya
W Center N Nehring


Sunday, November 19 ~ 10:00 am

Acolytes O Sampson, B Olson
Reader K Ihrke
Ushers D Fugleberg, B Brooks, D & J Tweite
Greeters D & D Schoenfeldt
Comm Dist J Wild, S Bjelland, J Rheingans
C Clean up J & J Tweite
$ Counters D Fugleberg, B Brooks


Sunday, November 26 ~ 8:00 am
Acolytes M Cocker, C Geerts
Reader C Rieser
Ushers K & C Parkin, L More, S Hoenk
Greeters C Rieser, S Hoenk
W Center J Prigge


Sunday November 26 ~ 10:00 am
Acolytes M Bungum, F Klunder
Reader T Anderson
Ushers G & C Meyer, W & J Prigge
Greeters D Tweite, G Hovey
$ Counters R Cederberg, C Meyer